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Dana White on UFC & WWE Working Relationship Post-Merger: That’s About as Far as It Goes With Me

One Big Thing

Despite the recent merger of WWE and UFC under TKO Group Holdings, UFC President Dana White emphasized that the two entities remain largely separate in their operations.

Key Points

  • White stated, “I haven’t worked with them at all. I do what I do and they do what they do.”
  • Some of White’s team members are assisting WWE in various business areas.
  • White acknowledged that both WWE and UFC are proficient in their respective live event production.

Why It Matters

The merger of WWE and UFC has sparked curiosity about potential collaborations between the two sports entertainment giants. However, White’s comments suggest that, at least for now, the two companies will continue to operate independently, with minimal crossover in their live event production.

NXT Battleground at UFC Apex

Despite the separate operations, WWE’s NXT Battleground premium live event will take place at the UFC Apex on Sunday, June 9.

The Bottom Line

While the merger has created new opportunities for synergy between WWE and UFC, Dana White’s statement indicates that the two organizations will maintain their distinct identities and production styles for the foreseeable future.

What do you think about the potential for collaboration between WWE and UFC? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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