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Dragon Lee Claims NXT North American Championship, Replacing Dominik Mysterio

Following a recent turn of events in WWE’s NXT brand, ‘Dirty’ Dominik Mysterio appears to have been sidelined, with a new star rising in his stead. In an unexpected twist at NXT Deadline, Dominik Mysterio was slated to defend his North American Championship against Wes Lee. Fans were poised for the showdown only to learn that Wes Lee was unable to compete due to an injury necessitating surgery.

In a pivot that shook the NXT landscape, SmackDown’s Dragon Lee stepped in to fill the void left by Lee’s injury. In a climactic battle, Dragon Lee emerged victorious over Dominik Mysterio, kickstarting his journey in WWE with a landmark win. This victory marked Dragon Lee’s first championship in WWE, proclaiming him the new North American Champion.

Dragon Lee’s ascension in NXT is further solidified by the recent update on, where he has now replaced Dominik Mysterio on the NXT show banner, signaling a significant shift in the brand’s direction. The new champion wasted no time demonstrating his prowess, successfully defending his title against Tyler Bate on a recent episode of NXT. However, Dragon Lee’s capabilities will soon be tested again as he is scheduled to face a member of the ‘No Quarter Catch Crew’ in next week’s title defense.

With the pro wrestling world abuzz, Dragon Lee’s rise to prominence in NXT is a narrative of unexpected opportunity and seizing the moment. As for Dominik Mysterio, his future endeavors within NXT remain a topic of intrigue and speculation. For faithful followers yearning to keep up with the latest WWE Raw and NXT updates, signing up for newsletters and alerts remains the best way to stay informed.

Dragon Lee’s journey has just begun, and the wrestling community watches keenly to see if he can hold onto the gold, or if Mysterio will rise to challenge him once more. Keep your eyes on the ring in the coming weeks for more high-stakes NXT action.

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