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Drew McIntyre Addresses WrestleMania 40 Incident with CM Punk

One Big Thing

Drew McIntyre has publicly addressed his post-WrestleMania 40 altercation with CM Punk, labeling Punk a “selfish monster” and explaining his refusal to walk away after his championship victory.

Key Moments

  • At WWE WrestleMania 40, Drew McIntyre mocked CM Punk after winning the World Heavyweight Championship.
  • CM Punk retaliated by attacking McIntyre, setting off a series of events that led to McIntyre losing the title.
  • McIntyre took to social media to explain his actions, emphasizing the emotional significance of his victory and his commitment to his word.
  • He criticized Punk for attacking while McIntyre was distracted, highlighting a pattern of behavior he sees as cowardly.

Why It Matters

This incident underscores the intense personal rivalries in WWE, which often spill over outside the ring. McIntyre’s defense of his actions and dedication to enjoying his moment of triumph resonate with fans who see wrestling as not just a sport but a deeply emotional journey.

McIntyre’s Words

“This is everything I’ve ever worked for for 20 years… And then I saw Punk, I may have got a little freaky on the table but I told him I was going to rub the title in his stupid face… And he didn’t raise one finger until I was distracted and assaulted me like the coward he is.”

In His Own Defense

Drew McIntyre also addressed fans’ questions about why he didn’t simply walk away after the win, with a tone of frustration towards those doubting his motivations or passion.


The Drew McIntyre vs. CM Punk saga following WrestleMania 40 is a vivid illustration of how personal and professional rivalries intertwine in WWE, creating compelling narratives that captivate the audience.

What are your thoughts on Drew McIntyre’s explanation of his actions at WrestleMania 40? Leave a comment below.

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