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Eddy Thorpe’s Ongoing NXT Feud with Dijak Escalates After Disqualification Incident

The canvas of WWE’s NXT continues to be painted with the intense rivalry between Eddy Thorpe and Dijak, a feud that has stretched its tendrils throughout the better part of the current year. Another chapter was added to their storied confrontation on a recent episode of NXT which witnessed a clash that promised resolution but instead spiraled into chaos.

In front of an electrified crowd, anticipation for a conclusive battle dissipated as quickly as it had built when the bout turned sour in under sixty seconds. The referee’s hand was forced as Dijak was disqualified following an impromptu usage of the turnbuckle as a weapon, the result of the top rope malfunctioning mid-match. Yet, even after the bell rang, Dijak was not inclined to end his aggression, unleashing a post-match assault that left Thorpe grounded and defeated in the ring.

Heightening the sense of unfinished business, Dijak later issued a menacing promise via a WWE online exclusive. Sporting fresh wounds—vestiges of a pre-match altercation involving the unforgiving steel ring steps—Dijak’s message was unambiguous. With a fury only a wrestling ring can contain, he avowed to decisively triumph over Thorpe in their ongoing saga.

The bad blood between Thorpe and Dijak has its origins rooted in the balmy days of the past summer. It was during a scheduled match that Dijak blindsided Thorpe, costing him an important win. That pivotal moment ignited a series of encounters that saw both men trading victories—Dijak seizing wins on the August 1 edition of NXT and subsequently at the month’s end, followed by Thorpe gaining the upper hand in a September 26 strap match.

While there appeared to be a transient hiatus in their hostilities, the fires of their feud were rekindled at the WWE NXT Deadline event. During the Iron Survivor Challenge, Thorpe’s surprise intrusion laid Dijak out, potentially robbing him of triumph in that contest. The fallout led directly to their ill-fated bout on NXT that left the audience and the competitors hungering for a definitive end to the conflict.

For the NXT viewership, it is clear that this confrontation is far from its last gasp. Each superstar is determined to assert their dominance, unwavering in their quest to best their adversary. As the wrestling world watches with bated breath, it’s evident that Thorpe and Dijak are destined for another epic encounter where, inevitably, only one can emerge victorious.

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