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Edge’s Contract Status and NXT Reactions to Mustafa Ali & Dana Brooke’s WWE Releases Amid New TV Deal

As a seasoned pro wrestling news reporter, I must inform you of some shake-ups happening behind the curtain of the wrestling world, specifically concerning Edge’s contract renewal situation, the recent release of Mustafa Ali and Dana Brooke, and WWE’s new television deal with ABEMA.

First and foremost, let’s delve into the matters concerning Edge. His contract with WWE, which expires this month, has been a topic of intensive chatter among wrestling insiders. Edge’s name disappeared from WWE’s internal active talent roster list, finding its place in a random roster list. However, the mystery deepens as longtime WWE observer PWInsider’s Mike Johnson reports Edge’s name has even disappeared from this miscellaneous roster. Yet, Edge’s profile continues to decorate WWE’s official roster page, a curious discrepancy that begs for clarity.

Moving on, we must address the shocking releases from WWE’s roster – Mustafa Ali and Dana Brooke. As per Fightful Select’s sources, these sudden releases from the main roster, as well as the NXT developmental system, resulted in a wave of palpable frustration within the NXT community. The lack of communication from WWE and the surprising release of Ali particularly stung, considering his popularity on the NXT brand and there being no indication of his pending release. Moreover, there was no news of roster cuts for anyone holding a main roster contract.

Adding to the frustration, NXT had reportedly been increasing its efforts to attract familiar names to boost ratings. The sudden release of Ali dismisses the plans Shawn Michaels, NXT’s head booker, had for him, slated well into 2024. As for Brooke, her proactive willingness to play a bigger role in the ring was well-appreciated within the NXT fraternity, making her release a bitter pill.

To finish, we touch upon the exciting acquisition by WWE in Japan. They have inked a deal with ABEMA, the Japanese television network, to broadcast their programming. This opens up an avenue of possibilities between WWE and Pro Wrestling NOAH – another member of the Cyber Agent Group also broadcasting via ABEMA. WWE Hall of Famer and Japanese wrestling legend Keiji Muto hinted that this could potentially lead to a partnership, remarking humorously that he’d “buy Triple H some sushi and … bring the receipt to ABEMA”.

As always, the world of professional wrestling remains captivating, creating anticipation for what comes next in this unpredictable environment. Stay tuned for further updates, wrestling fans!

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