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Eric Bischoff Praises Nick Aldis, Hopes for WWE-TNA Crossover Opportunity

One big thing: Eric Bischoff lauds Nick Aldis as perfect WWE SmackDown General Manager

Former wrestling executive Eric Bischoff has high praise for current SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis, calling him “about as perfect” for the role.

• Bischoff highlighted Aldis’s knowledge of the wrestling business and his physical presence
• He noted Aldis’s ability to “get physical” as a unique advantage over past GMs
• Bischoff described Aldis as a “double threat” in his current position

Why it matters

Aldis’s success in this role could potentially lead to more opportunities, including a possible TNA/WWE crossover appearance.

Bischoff on Aldis’s growth

• Admitted Aldis initially “thought too much of himself” when entering the industry
• Praised Aldis for embracing his shortcomings and growing from them
• Expressed hope for Aldis to participate in a TNA/WWE crossover before retiring

TNA/WWE crossovers in 2024

• Jordynne Grace appeared in the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble
• Most crossovers have been limited to WWE NXT
• Main roster talents have been making appearances on NXT

The bigger picture

Aldis’s journey from a cocky newcomer to a respected General Manager demonstrates the importance of humility and growth in the wrestling industry. His potential involvement in future TNA/WWE crossovers could bridge the gap between his past and present, offering fans exciting new storylines.

What do you think about Nick Aldis’s role as SmackDown General Manager? Do you hope to see him participate in a TNA/WWE crossover? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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