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Bloodline Betrayal: Solo Sikoa Turns on Paul Heyman

One big thing: Solo Sikoa attacks Paul Heyman on SmackDown

The Bloodline saga took a shocking turn on Friday’s SmackDown when Solo Sikoa, the self-proclaimed “Tribal Heir,” brutally attacked Paul Heyman.

• Sikoa dropped Heyman with a Samoan Spike
• Jacob Fatu put Heyman through the announcer’s table
• The attack came after Heyman refused to acknowledge Sikoa as the new leader

Why it matters

This betrayal marks a significant shift in The Bloodline’s power structure, potentially setting the stage for:

• A new era of leadership under Solo Sikoa
Roman Reigns‘ eventual return and reaction
• Paul Heyman’s future role (or lack thereof) in WWE storylines

The Anoa’i family reacts

Rikishi, Solo Sikoa’s father and WWE Hall of Famer, seemingly approved of the attack, tweeting:


This reaction aligns with Rikishi’s previous support of Sikoa’s actions, including the ejection of Jimmy Uso from The Bloodline.

The bigger picture

Solo Sikoa’s power grab comes amidst significant changes in The Bloodline:

• Roman Reigns’ absence following his WrestleMania 40 loss to Cody Rhodes
• The addition of new members Tama Tonga, Tanga Loa, and Jacob Fatu
• Paul Heyman’s growing unease with Sikoa’s decisions

What’s next?

• Roman Reigns and Jimmy Uso’s return dates remain unknown
• Potential confrontations between Sikoa’s new faction and the original Bloodline members
• Questions about Paul Heyman’s future in WWE storylines

As this new chapter in The Bloodline saga unfolds, we want to hear from you. Do you think Solo Sikoa’s actions were justified, or has he gone too far? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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