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Eric Bischoff Shares His Hopes for AEW’s Future Despite Criticism


  • WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, a critic of AEW, surprisingly voices hope to be proven wrong about the promotion’s future.
  • Bischoff expresses skepticism about AEW’s longevity on national television, citing concerns over its long-term growth.
  • Despite past clashes with Tony Khan over AEW’s direction, Bischoff eagerly awaits positive news on AEW’s TV rights deal with Warner Bros. Discovery.

A Critical Eye with Hope for Redemption

Eric Bischoff, known for his candid critiques of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) and its founder Tony Khan, has once again aired his views with an unexpected twist. The former World Championship Wrestling (WCW) executive and WWE Hall of Famer, who has admitted to preferring physical discomfort over regularly watching AEW, surprisingly holds a sliver of hope for the promotion’s future success.

“Will AEW the company be around [in five years]? Yes,” Bischoff stated on his podcast, “83 Weeks.” He further pondered the promotion’s recognizeability in the future, expressing reservations about its potential for growth and sustainability on a national television scale. Yet, he attributed AEW’s guaranteed existence to Khan’s passion and financial backing, openly wishing to be proven wrong about his pessimistic forecast.

Doubts Amidst Anticipation

In the lead-up to Revolution 2024, Tony Khan’s confidence in securing significant TV rights increases for AEW’s flagship shows, including “AEW Dynamite,” “AEW Collision,” and “AEW Rampage,” was palpable. Bischoff, initially convinced of the deal’s certainty, now finds himself in a waiting game, eager for the announcement of a renewed partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery that would validate Khan’s optimistic claims.

Last year, Bischoff’s skepticism was fueled by Khan’s assertions of a healthy relationship with Warner Bros. Discovery, amid rumors of WWE’s “Raw” possibly transitioning to the network. This move, however, has been redirected, with “Raw” slated for a Netflix debut instead.

As the wrestling world continues to evolve, the dynamic between industry veterans like Bischoff and innovative forces like Khan remains as compelling as the action inside the ring. With Bischoff’s critiques laced with an underlying hope for AEW’s success, the storyline of professional wrestling’s business side proves to be as unpredictable and enthralling as any televised feud.

What do you think about Eric Bischoff’s stance on AEW’s future? Do you share his cautious optimism, or do you foresee a different path for the promotion? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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