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Ernest The Cat Miller Discusses WWE’s Offer Post-WCW Era

3 Key Points

  • Ernest “The Cat” Miller reveals details about the contract offered by WWE after WCW’s demise.
  • Miller compares WWE offer to his previous earnings in WCW and expresses his view on it.
  • Reflection on “The Cat’s” brief stint in WWE and his subsequent career moves.

Ernest “The Cat” Miller Comments on WWE Contract Offer

Wrestling fans remember when many WCW talents migrated to WWE, including Ernest “The Cat” Miller. Recently, Miller shed light on the contract extended to him by WWE, which he regarded as a disappointing offer. As an established name in WCW, Miller’s reaction to WWE’s proposition was based on a comparison of his WCW earnings to the $220K annual salary WWE proposed.

WCW Tenure and Transition to WWE

Ernest Miller was well-recognized for his time as WCW’s on-screen commissioner and had a significant presence on WCW’s programming. After WCW was bought out, Miller had a period away from wrestling, but eventually joined WWE’s ring, participating in select matches including one at the 2004 Royal Rumble.

Behind “The Cat’s” WWE Offer

In a conversation with Jeremy Lambert & Stephen Jensen, Miller recounted his negotiation with WWE after WCW’s closure. Despite his substantial WCW paycheck, and a comfortable period post-WCW, he received a call from Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis) about a potential WWE career. Laurinaitis alluded to WWE’s ignorance of Miller’s persona, something Miller disagreed with. Finally, even with potential bonuses and PPV extras, the base salary was not compelling enough for Miller. He was used to much higher earnings in WCW, where he claimed to make the offered amount in just one month.

Ernest Miller’s Legacy and Current Focus

After his brief WWE stint, which included the 2004 Royal Rumble and an episode of SmackDown, Miller has appeared occasionally on the independent scene. He has remained active in karate, his other passion, which continues to be his main focus. Miller’s reflections on his pro wrestling journey, especially the transition from WCW to WWE, offer a candid glimpse into the business negotiations behind the scenes in the industry.

Your thoughts on “The Cat’s” comments are welcomed. With his history in the industry, do you think there’s a place for Miller in today’s WWE? Discuss this in the comments below!

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