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Exploring Bret Hart’s Challenging WCW Tenure: Insights from Lex Luger

3 Key Points

  • The complexities of Bret Hart’s WCW stint as discussed by Lex Luger.
  • Luger’s take on WCW’s creative struggles with integrating Hart.
  • A retrospect on talent saturation during Hart’s WCW era.

Bret Hart’s WCW Journey Revisited Through Lex Luger’s Eyes

Lex Luger, a key eyewitness to Bret Hart’s WCW days, recently shared his unique perspective on why “The Excellence of Execution” may not have reached his full potential in WCW. On the “Lex Expressed” podcast, he reflected on Hart’s status in professional wrestling and WCW’s efforts, or lack thereof, to properly utilize his talents.

The Complications of Blending Hart into WCW’s Narrative

When discussing the decision to bring Hart into WCW, Luger spoke of it as a “massive acquisition.” However, he pointed out the creative difficulties in incorporating Hart into the existing nWo vs. WCW story arcs. “I felt like they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring Bret in,” Luger admitted. Although Hart was a top-tier talent, the WCW team appeared to struggle with devising a storyline that showcased his abilities alongside the already ongoing, high-intensity feuds.

Luger’s In-Ring Experiences and Views on Talent Utilization

In their time in the ring together, Luger recalls having some memorable US Title matches with Hart, an experience he thoroughly enjoyed. While acknowledging Hart’s incredible prowess, Luger also conceded that even a talent of Hart’s caliber could find it difficult to stand out amidst WCW’s star-studded roster. “He definitely wasn’t fully utilized, for sure, on the storylines,” Luger stated.

In summary, Lex Luger offers a candid look back at Bret Hart’s WCW period, suggesting missteps in creative direction and the challenge of shining in a landscape overflowing with wrestling icons. It remains a topic wrestling enthusiasts continue to analyze years later, underlining the enigma of Bret Hart’s WCW saga.

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