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WWE Update: Road Dogg Brian James Steps Back Into A Television Role

3 Key Points

  • Former wrestler Brian “Road Dogg” James takes on a new WWE TV role.
  • James replaces a leadership vacancy and brings prior TV experience.
  • James discusses his upcoming challenges and excitement on his podcast.

Brian “Road Dogg” James Ramps Up Involvement in WWE Television Production

Brian “Road Dogg” James, once known for his dynamic performances inside the ring, continues to impact the world of professional wrestling beyond his active competition days. Appointed as Senior Vice President of Live Events in August 2022, James succeeds Jeff Jarrett in this prominent position within WWE’s corporate hierarchy. Speaking on his podcast “Oh You Didn’t Know?” James revealed an increase in his backstage responsibilities, particularly in television.

Road Dogg’s Podcast Revelation

In a relaxed tone mixed with a hint of anticipation, James addressed his listeners, “I’m getting a little busier.” Elaborating on his new challenge, he mentioned that WWE needed someone with experience to fill a temporary leadership gap in television production. James, no stranger to this arena, confidently expressed his readiness to step back into a familiar role, stating, “It’s going to be fun to do again.”

James commented on the pressures and thrills of live TV production, “I’m a little nervous about it because I haven’t done it in a while.” Nevertheless, he articulated his love for the adrenaline rush that comes with executing a live wrestling show. He detailed the meticulous preparation that leads up to the moment when the red light goes on, and the action unfolds, describing it as the ultimate “fix” for someone with his extensive entertainment background.

Enthusiasm for the Future

Despite not specifying which brand(s) he will be lending his expertise to, James’s overall sentiment was clear – he’s eager to dive back into the fast-paced, electrifying environment of live wrestling television. His previous experience and established rapport within WWE suggest that he will manage his return to TV production with the same vigor and passion that he brought to the ring. Wrestling fans and WWE personnel alike can anticipate seeing James’s influence on the television side of the organization in the near future.

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