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Exploring the WWE Journey: The Bollywood Boyz and Jinder Mahal’s Championship Era

3 Key Points:

  • The Bollywood Boyz reflect on their vital role during Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship reign.
  • Insights into WWE’s strategic expansion into the Indian market and Mahal’s impactful return.
  • Behind-the-scenes look at their unexpected WWE SmackDown call-up and their eventual release in 2021.

The Era of Jinder Mahal’s Championship Explored

The pairing of The Bollywood Boyz with Jinder Mahal marked a memorable period in WWE, culminating in Mahal’s championship reign. Recently, Gurv and Harv Sihra shared insights into this pivotal time with WrestlingNewsCo, highlighting the significance of their collaboration.

Strategic Moves by WWE

Gurv Sihra hinted at the reasoning behind WWE’s decision to spotlight Mahal as champion, pointing out Mahal’s commendable return to the promotion, his improved physique, and the experience he brought. This move coincidentally aligned with WWE’s goals to penetrate the burgeoning Indian market, further justifying their choice.

Unveiling Behind-the-Scenes Dynamics

The duo also reminisced about their sudden transition from WWE NXT to SmackDown, a move they learned about through Road Dogg. Despite their uncertainty about future storylines, they emphasized their dedication to embracing their given roles. Harv Sihra likened their WWE tenure to participating in a major film project, where their departure in 2021 marked the end of a significant chapter.

In essence, The Bollywood Boyz’s journey alongside Jinder Mahal not only defines a key phase in their careers but also underscores WWE’s strategic storytelling and market expansion efforts.

Note: All quotations are derived from a WrestlingNewsCo interview. Please credit WrestlingNewsCo and Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

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