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Former WWE Official On If Vince McMahon Is Really Retired

Since his sexual misconduct and allegations were brought forward and he was forced to retire from the WWE, Vince McMahon stepped down from his duties as WWE’s CEO, Chairman and Head of Creative, but fans are still wondering if Vince is still running the show from the shadows or if he’s still pulling some strings. Even a number of former WWE wrestlers and officials have wondered if Vince is really retired from the company despite there being significant changes to the on-screen product of WWE and a number of released stars were brought back.

Several sources have noted that Vince is really gone from WWE, but one person still believes he has a say in what is going on in the company and that is former WWE referee Mike Chioda. Chioda appeared on an episode of the “Monday Mailbag” podcast and said he doesn’t believes Vince is really gone from the WWE and that he is just sitting at home on a Zoom call or FaceTime call during WWE RAW and SmackDown.

This is what Mike Chioda said:

“Do you really believe that Vince McMahon is really retired?” “All he could be doing is sitting home on a phone or FaceTime on an iPhone on a Zoom chat and he’ll be Zooming every day for TV.”

Mike Chioda also talked about how he would love to do something for the WWE.

This is what Mike Chioda said:

“It’s never say never, I’d love to go do something for WWE.”

You can check out Mike Chioda’s full comments at this link. H/T to Wrestling Inc. for transcribing the quotes.

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