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Former WWE Star Paul Burchill Announces Wrestling Return After Long Hiatus

It’s time for fans to dust off their wrestling memorabilia, as a well-known face from the WWE roster is making a much anticipated return to the ring. Paul Burchill, who has been on a wrestling hiatus since 2018, is ready to step back in the ring at Big Time Wrestling’s The Great Fall Bash 2 on September 30.

Burchill, who had a commendable run in WWE from 2005 to 2010, is known for his energetic demeanor and standout gimmicks, including a crowd-favourite pirate character. His last in-ring performance was in October 2018, at the OVW show, which makes his upcoming appearance even more exciting for the fans.

In a match that promises high intensity and thrilling action, Burchill will face another WWE alumnus, Gangrel. This matchup is nothing short of iconic, as both wrestlers have a rich history and fan-following in the wrestling community.

Burchill, true to his audacious personality, appeared on the Developmentally Speaking YouTube channel, to share a thrilling promo video hyping up the match. The wrestler didn’t hold back when speaking about his upcoming showdown with Gangrel. In his own words, he said, “Gangrel…you’re talking about ‘There’s gonna be blood.’ Son, you’ve got a real short memory. It’s been a while since you and me got in the ring together.”

Taking a swing at Gangrel’s association with England, Burchill stated, “Gangrel, when it comes to England, you’re Elton John. Me, I’m Jack the Ripper.” This statement further fuels the anticipation for their upcoming showdown, where Burchill promises a gnarly encounter with Gangrel, “The only blood is going to be your blood on my hands.”

As Paul Burchill makes his much-awaited return, enthusiastic fans of wrestling are in for a nostalgia trip and some exhilarating WWE-style action. If you’re excited to join this historic match, make sure to subscribe to our email notifications for any upcoming wrestling events!

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