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Former WWE Star Shelton Benjamin Calls Missed Hurt Business vs. Bloodline Feud a Huge Mishap

One big thing: Shelton Benjamin believes WWE missed a major opportunity by not pitting The Hurt Business against The Bloodline.

The former WWE star, released in September 2023, shared his thoughts on what he considers one of “the biggest mishaps in pro wrestling” in a recent interview with Metro.

Why it matters:

A feud between these two dominant factions could have elevated multiple wrestlers and created compelling storylines, potentially reshaping WWE’s landscape during that period.

Key details:

• The Hurt Business, featuring Benjamin, MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Cedric Alexander, was active from 2020 to 2022.
• The Bloodline, led by Roman Reigns, formed around WWE SummerSlam 2020.
• Benjamin expressed disappointment in the missed opportunity for both stables to elevate their members within the company.

What they’re saying:

“I love being a part of helping people succeed. But in the case of the Hurt Business, I felt like there was so much more for every individual in that to really elevate themselves within the company,” Benjamin told Metro.

Behind the scenes:

• Benjamin revealed that WWE had made promises about The Hurt Business returning, even setting dates that were later changed before plans were ultimately dropped.
• A reunion was teased on WWE Raw but never materialized beyond that.

The big picture:

This missed opportunity highlights the challenges of long-term storytelling in professional wrestling and the impact of creative decisions on wrestlers’ careers and fan engagement.

What do you think about WWE’s decision not to pursue a Hurt Business vs. Bloodline feud? Was it a missed opportunity or did WWE make the right call? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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