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Former WWE Star’s Near-Physical Altercation With WCW’s Eric Bischoff

3 Key Points

  • Former WWE star recalls near-altercation with Eric Bischoff in WCW.
  • Safety concerns over ring equipment led to heated exchange.
  • Jimmy Hart’s timely intervention prevented possible assault.

Conflict In The Ring: WCW’s Safety Oversight

A provocative behind-the-scenes anecdote has resurfaced from the annals of professional wrestling history, shedding light on a clash of egos between two notable figures. Navigating the world of wrestling politics, a former WWE Superstar divulged a heated moment with Eric Bischoff, pivotal player and WCW’s President during the company’s 90s zenith. On Wrestling Shoot Interviews, the star recollects a specific match that led to an injury due to the questionable integrity of the props involved.

Bischoff and Knobbs Face Off

The incident transpired after a table, insufficiently prepared for impact, caused more than just storyline damage during the match. The next day, Brian Knobbs, known for his formidable in-ring presence, approached Bischoff to voice his concerns. Despite WCW’s impressive revenue, Knobbs pointed out the company’s reluctance to invest in safeguarding the wrestlers, a decision that nearly pushed Knobbs to escalate the argument to a physical level.

Jimmy Hart’s Crucial Role

Undoubtedly, the tension was palpable between Knobbs and Bischoff. The moment was brimming with the potential for violent resolution — a punch or even an attempt to “choke out” Bischoff, as Knobbs confessed. However, the intervention of Jimmy Hart, a manager celebrated for his knack for de-escalation, diffused the situation, repurposing Knobbs’ attention to production requirements elsewhere.

In the aftermath of the disclosure, the wrestling community reflects on the safety standards of the past and the individuals who championed for better conditions. This retrospection serves as a piercing reminder of the inherent risks involved in the pro wrestling industry, while also underscoring the necessity for ongoing vigilance regarding performer safety.

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