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Former WWE Valet Missy Hyatt Recalls Incident with Vince McMahon, Explains Short WWE Stint

One Big Thing

Missy Hyatt, a former WWE and WCW valet, has shared her own troubling experience with Vince McMahon, the former WWE Chairman currently embroiled in a sex trafficking lawsuit filed by Janel Grant.

Key Points

  • Hyatt claims she had to push McMahon out of her hotel room when he tried to kiss her during a WWE taping in Las Vegas.
  • She believes her refusal to engage with McMahon led to her short stint with the company.
  • After the alleged incident, Hyatt was offered the role of a ‘Federette,’ which she ultimately turned down before leaving WWE.

Hyatt’s Account

In an interview with “Wrestling Shoot Interviews,” Hyatt recounted the incident:

“I had to push Vince out of my hotel room because he was trying to stick his tongue in my mouth. He was bringing me back. We were in Vegas shooting, doing the tapings, and we went out… So he taught me how to play blackjack and then went to a dinner at Caesar’s… This was a big group of people and I remember I was wearing a leather dress and [Gene Okerlund] just poured coffee in my lap… He said later that they did that to see how I’d react. To see if I’d freak out, but they were like, ‘Oh you handled that really well…’ But yeah, that night [McMahon] took me to my hotel room and he was trying to get in my hotel room. I was pushing him out.”

Why It Matters

Hyatt’s story adds to the growing list of allegations against Vince McMahon, painting a picture of a toxic work environment where female employees faced sexual misconduct and pressure to engage in inappropriate behavior. As the sex trafficking lawsuit against McMahon is put on hold pending a federal investigation, Hyatt’s account underscores the importance of addressing these issues within the wrestling industry.

The Aftermath

Hyatt’s refusal to comply with McMahon’s alleged advances seemed to have repercussions for her career in WWE. She was offered the role of a ‘Federette,’ which she ultimately turned down before leaving the company.

Hyatt’s experience highlights the challenges faced by women in the wrestling industry and the need for greater accountability and support for those who speak out against misconduct.

What are your thoughts on Missy Hyatt’s story and the ongoing allegations against Vince McMahon? Share your perspective in the comments below.

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