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Former WWE Wrestler Billy Jack Haynes Goes on Trial for Murder Charges in April

3 Key Points

  • Billy Jack Haynes, a former professional wrestler, is set to stand trial in April on second-degree murder and weapon charges.
  • Haynes is accused of the homicide of his wife, Janette Becraft, in their Portland home, following a standoff with police.
  • Despite his controversial post-wrestling activities, Haynes was once a celebrated figure in the wrestling world, notably in WWF and WCW.

The Case Against Billy Jack Haynes

William “Billy Jack” Haynes, once a renowned figure in the wrestling community, finds himself in a precarious legal situation. He is due in court this April, facing serious allegations over the demise of his wife, Janette Becraft, in their Portland residence. Disturbingly, this incident concluded with a prolonged confrontation with the authorities.

A Wrestling Career Overshadowed

Billy Jack Haynes’ journey through the realms of WWF, WCW, and independent circuits has been marked by his tough persona and in-ring prowess. However, recent years saw him transitioning from the limelight of wrestling to the shadows of controversy, with his career’s latter part filled with disputes and legal battles, most notably his involvement in the WWE CTE lawsuit, which was dismissed in 2019.

A Community in Shock

The local community reacted with shock and sorrow to the news of Janette Becraft’s death, with neighbors expressing deep sadness over the tragic events. Haynes, who had been a pivotal part of his community post-wrestling, is now at the center of a narrative far removed from the wrestling accolades of his past.

Looking Ahead

As Billy Jack Haynes prepares to face the court in April, the wrestling world watches closely. A career once celebrated for its physical feats and memorable matches now hangs in the balance, overshadowed by legal proceedings and the serious allegations at hand.

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