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Exploring Lex Luger’s Take on WWE’s Notable Curtain Call Incident—

3 Key Points

  • Lex Luger comments on the exaggerated response to WWE’s Curtain Call.
  • The changing landscape of professional wrestling at the time of the incident.
  • Varied perspectives on breaking kayfabe, with some veterans taking offense.

Lex Luger’s Podcast Insights

In an era where professional wrestling thrives on its rich history, the Curtain Call incident remains a pivotal moment. Wrestling icon Lex Luger, on his “Lex Expressed” podcast, revisited this episode, offering a fresh perspective. He suggests the uproar surrounding the event, where Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash famously broke character to bid farewell to departing members, was largely overplayed.

Wrestling’s Evolving Narrative

Luger emphasizes the dynamic nature of professional wrestling during that period, highlighting how relationships within the industry often transcend professional boundaries. “Our bonds,” he notes, “often grow deeper than those with our own families, forming a unique fraternity.” This evolution in the wrestling world’s fabric, he implies, might have contributed to a misunderstanding of the gesture’s intent.

Divergent Veteran Views

While Luger shows understanding and even appreciation for The Kliq’s actions, not all shared his sentiments. Wrestling stalwart Jake “The Snake” Roberts, for example, offered a contrasting viewpoint on his podcast. He depicted the backstage reaction as overwhelmingly negative, indicating a personal affront by the breach of kayfabe.

This divergence in opinions among wrestling veterans underscores the complexity of wrestling culture and its unwritten rules. As Luger revisits this infamous moment, it’s clear that while the industry continues to evolve, the debate over such landmark incidents remains.

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