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Gunther Explains Skipping Traditional Finisher in WWE

3 Key Points

  • Gunther does not adhere to using a single traditional finisher move in WWE.
  • He believes that logical storytelling in matches should dictate actions.
  • With 19 years in the ring, he supports in-the-moment decision making.

Gunther’s Approach to Wrestling

WWE’s Intercontinental Champion Gunther has captivated audiences with his robust and diverse set of moves, yet he notably lacks a fixed finisher. Gunther’s rationale is decidedly straightforward. During an interview with Fightful, the wrestler emphasizes the importance of logic and context in a match over adhering to a clichéd finisher approach.

Moves Over Finishers

Gunther is renowned for his array of powerful maneuvers including hard chops, front dropkicks, and a versatile submission repertoire. He goes beyond the expectation of a signature finisher, aiming for a wrestling style that is adaptive and situationally aware, reflecting his vast experience in the ring.

The Finisher Philosophy

Sharing his preference for spontaneous in-ring tactics, Gunther discusses how decision-making that feels right for the specific match scenario is crucial. The Austrian wrestler’s method breeds unpredictability and a raw edge to his bouts, contributing to his standing as a dominant in-ring presence.

Gunther’s Statement

It’s like a… it’s a wrestling cliché, with the finishers and stuff, but it’s also like a very… it’s a thing that WWE really established, I think, and I see the big upside to it, to be honest. But I always approached my wrestling [with] logic. Like, whatever makes sense, at that day to do, in that situation. So, that’s how I always approached it and, yeah…” – Gunther

Future Prospects

With the looming Royal Rumble and potential future title bouts, Gunther’s strategy could pose a unique challenge to his opponents, who may find predicting his next move an uphill task. Time will tell whether this approach will pave the way for a new trend in professional wrestling.—End of Article—

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