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History Between Bret Hart And Goldberg Still Unresolved As Per Recent Bret Hart Comments

Bret Hart is one of the greatest pro wrestlers to ever do it. That isn’t just opinion, folks, it’s a cold hard fact. Those facts cannot be denied. Everything that he did in the time that he did it is still remarkable and always will be.

His extraordinarily prolific career was cut short by tragedy after tragedy, a most horrible betrayal, and a career threatening injury he suffered in the ring at the hands of an inexperienced Bill Goldberg back in WCW.

Bret Hart was signed on with then-WWF after Vince McMahon Jr. purchased Stu Hart’s Calgary territory (1984). With that territory came a number of talented individuals and one of those individuals was Bret Hart. Also added to that group of people was Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart and of course the British Bulldog (and many others)…all whom made a name for themselves up in Calgary.

It wouldn’t take Bret Hart long to leave an impression in that ring and after Hulk Hogan was pushed out of WWF in the early nineties for the sake of making room for the “youth movement” the company had planned, Bret Hart stepped up, putting forth a caliber of pro wrestling match that had hardly been seen yet.

He eventually became the face of the company and would have epic feuds with his own brother, Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels and of course Steve Austin. But his career in WWE would be cut short by the ultimate betrayal in what has been come to be known as The Montreal Screwjob. (That is a story for another time folks, so stay tuned.)

But off to WCW Bret was, especially after the incidents in Montreal unfolded in 1997. And although many –including Bret—have criticized his time in WCW, I personally loved to see him, and he did have some outstanding matches there…one in particular was the tribute to his brother Owen after his untimely passing…a match in which Bret faced none other than the late, great Chris Benoit.

But Bret’s time there would be marred in controversy and would end in the most tragic of ways. In a match at WCW Starrcade in 1999, the two would square off and Bret would end up getting kicked in the head by the inexperienced Bill Goldberg.

For his part, Goldberg was an ex-football player who was rushed through the training he went through at the WCW Power Plant (where they trained new up and coming wrestlers), and he made it to TV without knowing very much about how to properly wrestle, and thus the events that unfolded at Starrcade occurred, thus ending Bret Hart’s career.

via Inside The Ropes /YouTube

As the video above shows, Bret has always been very critical of Goldberg in the past…

Bret has also stated that the stroke he suffered in the years that followed was a result of the concussion he suffered from Goldberg. The two have gone back and forth about it in the press, Goldberg stating that he is over it, but in the end, it wasn’t his career that was cut short. For Bret, it isn’t over and he isn’t over it. He made the following statements while making a K&S WrestleFest appearance. He would praise Kurt Angle in the process of criticizing Goldberg and also praised Rey Mysterio as a dream opponent that never was. Here’s some of what he had to say on the matter:

“Kurt Angle would’ve been one of my primary guys (to wrestle)…I know he always wanted to work with me and I wish I could’ve worked with him. I would love to have worked with Brock Lesnar just because I always heard he was a good pro in the ring – opposite of Goldberg…

Another guy that I wish I could’ve worked with would’ve been Rey Mysterio because Rey was really as special or unique as Andre The Giant was in a different way…”

via Wrestling Inc. (Transcription)

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