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Ivar Explains Why He Didn’t Want To Be Called Erik In WWE

One Big Thing

WWE’s Ivar has revealed the reason behind not wanting to be named Erik, despite his tag team partner taking up the name.

Key Points

  • Ivar pleaded with his tag team partner to take the name Erik, as it is his brother’s name.
  • Former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon didn’t care which one of them was called Erik or Ivar when the Viking Raiders debuted on the main roster.
  • Ivar and Erik have had multiple name changes throughout their career, especially their tag team name, War Machine.

Why It Matters

The revelation sheds light on the naming process for wrestlers in WWE and how personal preferences can sometimes influence the decision. It also highlights the challenges that wrestlers face when transitioning from the independent circuit to a major promotion like WWE, where their established names may not always be retained due to various reasons, such as legal issues or inappropriate connotations.

Name Changes and Challenges

Ivar and Erik, known as War Machine on the independent circuit, faced difficulties in keeping their original tag team name in WWE. Triple H explained that the name couldn’t be used due to its association with an MMA fighter who had gotten into trouble. Additionally, legal issues prevented them from using names like Vikings due to the existing football team and TV show.

The Viking Experience

Ultimately, the tag team was named “The Viking Experience” based on someone’s description of them. Ivar noted that no one was happy with the name except for one person, likely referring to Vince McMahon.

Ivar’s Current Status

Ivar is currently taking time off from WWE after reports emerged about him being injured following an attack by Gallus on “NXT.”

What do you think about the challenges wrestlers face when it comes to their names and gimmicks in WWE? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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