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JD McDonagh on CM Punk’s WWE Return: Insight from Survivor Series Aftermath

JD McDonagh, a notable member of WWE’s stable Judgment Day, recently opened up about the moment he discovered CM Punk’s dramatic return to WWE at Survivor Series. Our team had the opportunity to catch up with McDonagh for an exclusive insight into the behind-the-scenes reactions and the business implications of such a high-profile comeback.

During the WWE Survivor Series, a star-studded clash served as a battleground where teams led by Cody Rhodes and The Judgment Day, alongside Drew McIntyre, showcased their talents in the Men’s War Games match. Post-match, the arena erupted as Chicago’s own CM Punk returned, marking his first WWE appearance in nearly a decade, and immediately recaptured the attention of the wrestling world.

McDonagh, reflecting on this seismic event, shared his thoughts with Alex McCarthy from the Daily Mail. His focus, while witnessing Punk’s return, was predominantly on the audience, gauging their enthusiasm and the overall energy in the venue. “Yeah, I was just looking at the crowd, seeing who was reacting, how hard they were reacting,” McDonagh recounted.

As a performer aware of the larger picture, McDonagh recognized the significance of such moments for the business side of WWE. “At the end of the day, I get it. I understand that this is a business and we’re here to make money for the company,” he remarked. The impact of Punk’s return wasn’t just limited to fan reactions; it translated into tangible metrics as McDonagh noted, “If you look at the social media numbers from the weekend, if you look at the viewership on RAW this week, the dude makes money for the company, he draws eyes to the product.”

With CM Punk’s comeback, McDonagh anticipates a ripple effect that benefits all, including himself. “I’m going to be on the shows that he’s on now, drawing more eyes to that, so all good in my book,” he stated confidently.

The anticipation backstage is another aspect of Punk’s return that McDonagh finds intriguing. As for when he learned about the return, McDonagh clarified it was before the match. “Yeah. It was just background noise to me, and I was like, ‘OK, cool. I need to focus up on what’s going on here,'” he disclosed, emphasizing his concentration on performing at the highest level regardless of the circumstances.

In the wake of his comeback, CM Punk is set to make an appearance on the December 8 episode of WWE SmackDown, where plans for his in-ring segment are hotly anticipated by fans and insiders alike.

As the wrestling community buzzes with chatter over Punk’s return and its implications, this development further spices up an already eventful season in WWE. Stay tuned for more expert analysis and the latest news, ensuring that you don’t miss a moment of the action inside and outside the ring.

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