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Shawn Michaels Discusses NXT Women’s Division, Wes Lee’s Injury, and More Pre-Deadline 2023

In a comprehensive media scrum this Thursday, NXT head booker Shawn Michaels shared his insights on the upcoming NXT Deadline 2023 event and the current state of NXT as a whole. The scrum offered a plethora of updates where Michaels touched on numerous key subjects that fans and industry insiders have been keenly interested in.

**Stacked NXT Women’s Division & Event Highlights**

As NXT barrels toward its Deadline 2023 event, Shawn Michaels highlighted the strength of the NXT Women’s division, calling it “incredibly stacked.” The division’s depth will be showcased in the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge match. This highlights last year’s competitors, reflecting WWE’s successful talent recruitment and development, particularly with the main roster boasting the world’s most talented female wrestlers.

**Wes Lee’s Injury Decision and Dragon Lee’s Opportunities**

Discussing the eleventh-hour withdrawal of Wes Lee from Deadline due to a back injury, Michaels delineated the challenging decision-making process. Acknowledging Lee’s dedication, Michaels conceded that health comes first. With Lee’s seat at the event now vacant, Michaels expressed excitement for Dragon Lee, seeing him as a seamless fit for the NXT brand and eager for the matchups ahead.

**Nikkita Lyons and CM Punk’s Impact**

With Nikkita Lyons’ return stirring excitement within NXT’s ranks, Michaels sees her presence only adding to the division’s robust competition. Lyons faces the tall order of establishing her position amidst a roster brimming with ambition and talent.

Injecting a lighter note on CM Punk’s WWE return, Michaels quipped about a favor for NXT but quickly returned to a professional tone. With business driving decisions, Michaels welcomed Punk’s return and anticipated prosperous outcomes for both the wrestler and WWE.

**Anticipating NXT’s Move to The CW & Praise for Becky Lynch**

As anticipation builds for NXT’s shift to The CW, Michaels conveyed eager optimism while expressing gratitude toward the enduring partnership with USA Network. Pledging to conclude their USA tenure strongly, the move is seen as a promising venture.

The recent involvement of Becky Lynch in NXT was met with commendation by Michaels, who valued her influence on raising the brand’s stature and her positive impact on viewership ratings.

**Up-and-coming Talent and Exiting Family**

Lexis King received honorable mention for impressively adapting to the NXT training regime and expectations surrounding his upcoming match against Carmelo Hayes. Meanwhile, the NXT family felt the unforeseen parting of McKenzie Mitchell, a beloved figure whose potential return remains open, reflecting the business’s evolving landscape.

**Key Demo Success & NXT’s Future Expansion**

Michaels addressed NXT’s growth in key demographics by attributing it to the show’s dynamic pacing and variety that appeals to younger viewers. He acknowledged the behind-the-scenes efforts of the younger writing team and the diverse elements that keep the show engaging.

In discussing the future, Michaels focused on the commitment to delivering captivating storylines and high-caliber shows, starting with Deadline 2023. As a wrestling aficionado himself, he aspires for fans to remain excited and supportive of NXT’s journey.

Stay tuned as NXT prepares to deliver another thrilling event with Deadline 2023, promising to end the year on a high note and lay the groundwork for further growth and excitement in the wrestling universe.

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