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John Cena Accelerates Into Hosting With New Roku Talk Series, What Drives You

John Cena may have stepped away from the WWE ring momentarily after his clash with Solo Sikoa at WWE Crown Jewel, but the 16-time world champion is never one to idle long. Shifting gears from the squared circle to the streaming screen, Cena is set to make a splash with his very own talk show, “What Drives You,” confirmed to be streamed on the Roku platform.

This endeavor marks a distinct departure from Cena’s wrestling persona as he embraces the role of a talk show host, a stage where the amiable star can channel his charisma into candid conversations. “What Drives You,” which is notable as Cena’s inaugural talk series, will delve into the personal stories that connect celebrities not with their careers but with their cars. Each episode promises a ride along with a different guest in a vehicle of special significance to them, fostering discussions that range from the humorous to the heartfelt.

Not just a pulpit for casual banter, Cena aims to explore how the choice of a car and the roads taken reflect upon a person’s character and life’s priorities. The concept taps into the bountiful tales and memories linked to these beloved automobiles, transforming them into portals to each guest’s life and philosophy. As Cena himself puts it, the show is an opportunity to “ride shotgun and learn from some of the world’s most entertaining and inspiring individuals.”

The green light from Roku comes as a welcome development, especially as the Santa Clara-based company boasts a track record of delivering diverse and compelling content. Brian Tannenbaum, Roku’s Head of Originals, commends Cena for his unmatched vigor, predicting that the star’s hosting prowess will provide an insightful peek into the stars’ lives under the framework of this innovative series.

With a production team comprising ITV America’s Leftfield Pictures and a roster of executive producers including Cena himself, “What Drives You” is anticipated to be a polished and introspective venture. The Roku team, helmed by Sean Boyle, shares in the excitement, aspiring that this series will captivate viewers just like their other successful Roku Originals.

The production house Leftfield Pictures is renowned for crafting popular content across platforms — with shows like “Alone,” “Pawn Stars,” and “Forged in Fire” cementing their reputation. Adding “What Drives You” to Roku’s catalog, which includes “Die Hart 2: Die Harter” where Cena previously starred, further solidifies the alliance between Cena and the streaming service.

As Roku’s Originals slate continues to expand, viewers can immerse themselves in a wide array of genres, from documentaries to unscripted series, all the while enjoying the perks of free access to Hollywood’s finest on The Roku Channel. With U.S. households comprising an estimated 100 million people having accessed The Roku Channel by Q4 2022, it’s clear that Roku’s commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment remains unwavering.

As John Cena’s shift from WWE Superstar to host unfolds, fans can anticipate the journey that awaits with “What Drives You.” While Cena may not be seen in the ring, his presence across the entertainment industry continues to grow, ensuring that his fans always have a seat right beside him as he pursues new paths and conversations on the road less traveled.

Stay tuned as we anticipate the premiere of “What Drives You.” In the meantime, wrestling enthusiasts can join the WrestleTalk crew at their Survivor Series Watch Party to see if any other WWE superstars are gearing up to follow Cena’s footsteps outside the ring.

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