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JoJo Offerman Issues A Statement About Bray Wyatt’s Passing

Bray Wyatt is the one who left us too soon

Bray Wyatt is the name that will be etched in the memory of the wrestling fans forever. The leader of The Wyatt Family and a talented superstar passed away in August due to a heart attack.

While we lost him too early, only 36 years to be precise, the WWE superstar left his fireflies hanging in the midst of nowhere. WWE fans are saddened of his passing, but no one can understand the pain that JoJo Offerman has to go through daily.

Bray Wyatt’s fiancee couldn’t share her thoughts for a long period of time, but finally she decided to come out of the pain and put her words out for everyone’s understanding. JoJo was a ring announcer for the WWE, and it’s the same place where the two met before they formed a bond.

I've written and rewritten this post so many times because there are no amount of words in this world to describe Windham and what he means to me. But I’ve also been avoiding it because in some weird way it makes all of this all too real. I miss the love of my life so much it hurts. He was everything I ever wanted and everything I never knew I needed, and I let him know that everyday. I’m so grateful that he allowed me to love him fiercely. But I am so blessed he loved me fiercely in return. He was and always will be the best person I know, my best friend, and my soulmate. Windham truly gave me a love that will last a lifetime and oh baby I thank him for that. He was the kindest, funniest, most caring man in the world. He made me feel beyond special every single day. He made everyone feel special, which was one of the million things I loved about him. Our bond was magical, something only the two of us understood. And that beautiful bond brought two perfect babies into the world. That’s another thing, he was the BEST daddy to Knash, Hyrie, Cadyn, and Kendyl. Family was EVERYTHING to him. Windham knew me better than I knew myself and he always knew how to calm my storm, as I did for him. He was the only person in the world that I could be unapologetically myself around and not only did he accept it, he loved it. I cry because I wish we had more time baby, but I smile because I was so blessed to be loved by you in the time we did have. I will always love you Windham. I will always show our kids how incredible their daddy is. I will always make sure they know how much you love them. And I will always make you proud just like you made me proud. I love you forever baby, until we meet again ❤️

JoJo referred to this bond in her heartfelt Instagram post, and the fans could feel every word of it. She talked about how she could be herself in front of Bray and he would totally embrace her situation and understand the viewpoint.

The former WWE ring announcer opened up about how the bond they shared gave the world two incredible babies. She talked about how she is grateful for all those people she has in the family. The heartwarming post can leave you teary eyed, so keep your tissues ready.

Do you have anything to say about Bray Wyatt? Sound off in the comments.

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