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Lince Dorado Reflects on WWE Tenure and Missed Opportunities

3 Key Points

  • Lince Dorado expressed dissatisfaction with WWE’s utilization of luchadors.
  • Lucha House Party’s quest for tag team titles was hindered by a perceived lack of confidence.
  • The Cruiserweight Classic entrant re-engages with WWE as a guest coach after his release.

Lucha House Party’s Unfulfilled Aspirations

Lince Dorado, formerly a vibrant member of WWE’s Lucha House Party, has shed light on his time with the company. During a candid discussion on “Developmentally Speaking,” the former 24/7 Champion spoke of ambitions unmet, wishing for a tag team championship reign alongside either Gran Metalik or Kalisto. Despite coming tantalizingly close to realizing that dream, Dorado felt the creative team had limited confidence in the trio’s potential.

An Insight Into WWE’s Creative Process

Exploring the intricacies of WWE’s approach to storytelling, Dorado divulged a sense of misalignment between the writers and the luchador ethos. He argued that the creative process did not cater sufficiently to luchadors who could both wrestle and captivate on the microphone, thus restricting their on-screen personas to one-dimensional characters.

Dorado’s Journey and Departure from WWE

An impressive performance in the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic marked Dorado’s WWE entry point, leading to a full-time contract. His in-ring prowess was showcased on “WWE Raw” and in the Cruiserweight division, eventually forming an alliance with Metalik and Kalisto. Despite their popularity, Lucha House Party’s momentum stalled following the 2020 WWE Draft. In the wake of limited opportunities and creative differences, Dorado and his teammates sought their release.

Glimpse of Dorado’s Post-WWE Career

After exiting the squared circle as an active WWE wrestler with a final bout on “WWE Main Event,” Dorado has since reconnected with the organization in a teaching capacity. His contributions as a guest coach at the WWE Performance Center indicate a continued passion for nurturing the next generation of wrestling talent, drawn from his rich in-ring experience.

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