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Lio Rush Reflects on His Unique Bond with Vince McMahon During WWE Stint

3 Key Points:

  • Lio Rush praises partnership with Bobby Lashley as Vince McMahon’s creation.
  • Despite controversies, Rush considers McMahon a mentor and friend during his WWE tenure.
  • Rush shares how McMahon’s influence helped shape his “Man of the Hour” persona.

Lio Rush Commends McMahon Collaboration

Former WWE star Lio Rush, currently shining in NJPW, reminisced about his relationship with Vince McMahon, countering the narrative of a strained past. Opening up on the “Uncriptify Podcast,” Rush reiterated his respect for the former WWE Chairman. He confirms substantial support from McMahon, particularly for his dynamic alliance with Bobby Lashley, describing it as “his baby, his project.

Unlikely Friendship with Vince McMahon

Despite past tensions and a controversial tweet regarding a WWE talent release, Rush underscored his budding bond with McMahon. Contrary to widespread assumptions, the “Man of the Hour” felt an undeniable camaraderie with the promotion’s figurehead. “And he loved it, he enjoyed it. He loved what we were doing,” Rush stated, indicating a shared enthusiasm for their work in WWE.

McMahon’s Role in Crafting an Onscreen Persona

The former “WWE NXT” Cruiserweight Champion credits McMahon with inspiring him to elevate his onscreen persona. Rush expressed a passion to impress McMahon, emulating the larger-than-life presence seen in the famous Mr. McMahon character. His onscreen persona, “Man of the Hour,” bears the marks of McMahon’s influence, showcasing Rush’s commitment to embodying the bold entertainment value McMahon favors.

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