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Lola Vice vs. Natalya: A High-Stakes NXT Underground Showdown

One Big Thing

Lola Vice challenges WWE legend Natalya in an NXT Underground match, promising an intense confrontation with high stakes.

Key Moments

  • Lola Vice, a promising talent in WWE NXT, confidently issued an open challenge, which was surprisingly answered by veteran Natalya.
  • A previous match between the two was marred by interference from Karmen Petrovich, aiding Natalya to secure a win over Vice.
  • Post-match tensions escalated, leading to a highly anticipated NXT Underground match during NXT Spring Breakin’s Week 2.
  • Lola Vice vows to defeat Natalya, citing her own track record of three first-round knockouts in her career.

Why It Matters

This match represents a pivotal moment in Lola Vice’s career, offering her a chance to prove herself against a seasoned WWE veteran and possibly ascend to new heights in WWE NXT. For Natalya, it’s an opportunity to showcase her enduring dominance in the ring and mentor newer talent. The encounter highlights NXT’s role as a platform for emerging wrestlers to make their mark and for established stars to reinforce their legacy.


“Natalya … in this wrestling world you are a legend, I’ll give you that. But come NXT Underground, you’re entering my world and you’re gonna find out why these fists have three first round knockouts and you are about to be the fourth,” Lola Vice stated in a bold declaration.

The upcoming NXT Underground match between Natalya and Lola Vice promises to be an action-packed event, crucial for both competitors’ careers. As they prepare for this confrontation, fans are left anticipating what could be a defining moment for both wrestlers.

Are you looking forward to seeing if Lola Vice can back up her bold claims against the legendary Natalya? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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