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Mace Reflects on WWE Career and Commentary Stint: WWE Contracts Updates and Tryouts News

In recent development from the world of pro wrestling, Mace, one of the most recent talents released by WWE, reflected on his stint in the WWE ‘s RAW and 205 Live brands commentary. This comes in addition to WWE’s changing contractual dynamics, specifically its status with Hulu, and notable updates around last week’s tryouts at their Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Mace opened up during a Twitch stream session, noting that he initially didn’t expect to do commentary. Having been in NXT when the focus was on independent wrestling, Mace was intrigued when he got a secretive call from Vic Joseph alluding to his potential future as a commentator. Despite the unexpected career shift and the difficulties of grasping the commentary dynamics, Mace acknowledged that it was something he needed to do for his career.

But alongside the challenging aspects, Mace recollected some fun moments, particularly the practice sessions with Jonny Loquasto and Manny. He claimed that Paul Heyman, the then Head of Creative for Raw, got hold of those practice tapes, which introduced a new phase in Mace’s career. His commentary stint included several memorable events, including the viral red Hell in a Cell match between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins.

Mace also spoke up about his backstage interaction with Brock Lesnar, leading up to Lesnar’s planned F5 spot to him through the announcer’s table on WWE RAW. Describing Lesnar as ‘very cool,’ Mace amusingly recounted how Lesnar explained the F5 move to him, unaware that Mace, a WWE talent, would indeed be familiar with it.

Beyond the roster, let’s dive into WWE’s recent contractual matters. As previously reported, NBC’s Hulu and WWE’s current contract was nearing expiration this week. However, according to Paul Jordan from PWInsider, WWE and Hulu are believed to have signed a short-term extension. Hulu has updated the expiration data for WWE content on their service, indicating an extension ranging from seven to fourteen days.

In another area, news emerged from last week’s tryouts held at WWE’s Performance Center. According to Fightful Select, Hollyhood Halley J, an Ohio Valley Wrestling talent originally scheduled for a tryout, had her offer rescinded due to issues related to her medical paperwork. Despite this setback, sources suggest that WWE officials hope to have her signed onto a contract in the future.

Considering these developments, it’s apparent that WWE continues its dynamic evolution across its roster, contracts, and talent acquisition process. It remains to be seen how these situations unfold and impact the future landscape of the illustrious WWE world.

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