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Major Changes Ahead for WWE Raw and SmackDown Following WrestleMania 40

The One Big Thing

Post-WrestleMania 40, WWE Raw and SmackDown are set for significant changes, aiming to enhance fan experience by modifying production aspects.

Quick Facts

  • According to a report from PW Insider, WWE plans to adjust certain production elements to allow for more audience members in venues.
  • The new setup, featuring smaller screens and minimal staging, was first observed during the WWE Raw event on April 8.
  • Madison Square Garden will also adopt this smaller production setup for the SmackDown taping on June 28.
  • This move is part of WWE’s transition into the Endeavor era, aiming for a more fan-focused approach.

Why It Matters

The shift towards a smaller production setup for WWE Raw and SmackDown highlights WWE’s commitment to improving the live viewer experience. This change allows for more fans to attend events in person, potentially boosting ticket sales and enhancing the atmosphere at live shows.


The changes come in the wake of WrestleMania 40, the most successful event in WWE history. This strategic adjustment indicates a focus on sustainability and audience engagement, crucial for maintaining momentum after such a landmark event.

Looking Ahead

While exceptions may occur, the new production setup represents a significant shift in how WWE plans to present its flagship shows. Fans can expect a more intimate and energized environment at future WWE events.

Do you think the smaller production setup will enhance your live viewing experience at WWE events? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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