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Major Leadership Changes in TNA Wrestling: Scott D’Amore Released by Anthem Sports—

3 Key Points

  • Anthem Sports parts ways with TNA Wrestling President Scott D’Amore.
  • Anthony Cicione of Anthem Sports to steer TNA amidst leadership shake-up.
  • Uncertainty surrounds TNA’s creative direction post D’Amore’s departure.

Leadership Overhaul at TNA Wrestling

In a surprising development within the pro wrestling sphere, Scott D’Amore has been dismissed from his position as President of TNA Wrestling. This action sees Anthony Cicione, an executive within Anthem Sports & Entertainment—TNA’s parent entity—stepping into the presidential role. This move signifies a deeper integration of TNA with Anthem’s broader Entertainment Group, a segment under Cicione’s purview.

Anthem’s Strategy: A Closer Look

Insights from PWInsider suggest the decision emanated from Len Asper, Anthem’s founder. Anthem envisions a more hands-on approach in managing TNA’s operations, with Cicione spearheading this new direction. The shake-up follows closely on the heels of TNA’s rebranding efforts, shifting from its Impact Wrestling persona back to its original TNA identity, a change that had won over many fans.

The Aftermath of D’Amore’s Exit

D’Amore’s departure, occurring less than a month after the rebranding, has caused ripples across the TNA community. Reports from Fightful Select detail a virtual meeting between Anthem executives and TNA talent, discussing the transition. Though the change has been met with understanding, the talent expressed a deep sense of gratitude towards D’Amore for his contributions to the promotion.

Cicione’s Role and TNA’s Creative Future

While Cicione assumes leadership, his lack of direct pro wrestling industry experience raises questions about TNA’s strategic direction and creative oversight. Prior to this, D’Amore played a critical role in TNA’s creative arena, contributing significantly to its television productions and event planning. The wrestling community is keenly watching to see how TNA’s creative endeavors evolve under this new leadership structure.

The unfolding scenario at TNA Wrestling underlines a pivotal moment in the promotion’s history. With a fresh leadership perspective at the helm, the wrestling world watches with bated breath as TNA ventures into its next chapter.

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