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Mandy Rose Opens Up About Her Recent WWE Release

One of the longest reigning WWE NXT Women’s Champion in company history Mandy Rose, who joined WWE in 2015 after competing in that year’s Tough Enough, defeated Blair Davenport and Meiko Satomura several months ago in a Triple Threat Match to make history and unify both the WWE NXT and WWE NXT UK Women’s Championships and she was known as one of the most dominant, if not the most dominant champion in the history of WWE NXT.

Mandy, however, was released from WWE in her 413th day as the reigning WWE NXT Women’s Champion after it was discovered by the company that she has been posting a number of sensitive photos and videos on a third party platform called FanTime and that her racy content would put the WWE in a tough position as it was outside of the parameters of her deal with the company.

The former WWE NXT Women’s Champion recently made an appearance on the Tamron Hall Show and opened up about her release from the company. According to Mandy, her content never had any nudity and she will never post anything that would harm her brand. Mandy also said there is nothing wrong with the photos she posts as not everything you read on the internet is accurate, but her release from WWE included a confidentiality agreement, in which she can’t really discuss certain topics.

This is what Mandy Rose said:

“Unfortunately, there is a confidentiality [agreement] and I can’t really discuss that. There was the one warning to take it down, and I complied.” “There was no full nudity. I would never post anything that would harm my brand. Everything that I do, in the privacy of my own home, showing my fans behind-the-scenes action, whether it’s photo shoots, my everyday personal life, nothing is wrong with that. That’s what I was doing. You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, not everything is accurate. When I show photos me, sexy, like how I’ve been showing on my Instagram, which everyone can see, there is nothing wrong with that.”

The former WWE Star also talked about how she doesn’t believe she was targeted and everyone has their opinion on what they think is appropriate and what’s not. Mandy Rose then said that she doesn’t think she was wronged because she is forever grateful for everything WWE has presented her with, but she is very hurt and very disappointed.

This is what Mandy Rose said:

“I don’t really know, I don’t think I was targeted, I think it was just more, everyone has their own opinion.” “I don’t see anything wrong with that photo [Rose wearing the NXT Women’s and NXT UK Women’s Titles and nothing else], as they didn’t either. Everyone has their own opinion on what they think is appropriate and what’s not.”

“Because of everything that has happened since then, everything happens for a reason, and I can’t even say I was wronged because I’m so forever grateful for everything that the WWE has presented me with.” “I can’t say I was wronged or not. I’m hurt. I’m very hurt. No one wants to get that call that you’re being fired from any job. I was very hurt and very disappointed.”

“I was disappointed more because of everything I put into the business, but just the last year and a half; I was champion for 413 days, I unified the two titles, I was the third longest-reigning NXT Women’s Champion. I also created this must-see faction with two other women that I brought up. I got to see so many women develop their characters and they are younger than me and at the beginning of their careers.”

“To me, that was so important because it was so rewarding for me. Losing the title was obviously a gut punch. I was so disappointed. At the end of the day, my purpose was gone. That’s where I felt lost and confused because of all the hard work. Driving home from that, a lot of things were going through my mind. You always think there are unanswered questions. At the end of the day, I love what I’ve done in WWE and I love the platform they presented me with. I am forever grateful for them.”

You can check out Mandy Rose’s full comments in the video below. H/T to Fightful for transcribing the quotes.

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