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Mark Henry Reveals Sexual Chocolate Gimmick Origins in WWE: McMahon’s Changing Views

Key Insights into Mark Henry’s “Sexual Chocolate” Character

  • The origins of Mark Henry’s “Sexual Chocolate” name stem from a comedic influence.
  • Initial rejection and eventual acceptance by Vince McMahon of the gimmick.
  • Henry’s persona added a distinct humor to the Attitude Era’s serious tone.

Mark Henry Shares Creation of “Sexual Chocolate”

In the world of professional wrestling, few gimmicks are as memorable as Mark Henry’s “Sexual Chocolate.” On AEW star Isiah Kassidy’s podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer delved into how this unique character came to be. Tracing its roots back to a laugh-out-loud moment in “Coming to America,” Henry found inspiration in the comedic band led by the character Randy Watson. His aim was simple: to bring humor and fun to the squared circle.

Vince McMahon’s Hesitation and Approval

Initially met with skepticism, the “Sexual Chocolate” concept wasn’t an instant hit with WWE’s top brass. Vince McMahon, the former Chairman, envisioned Henry in a role that leaned more toward intimidation than improvisational comedy. Yet, Henry’s portrayal and vision for the character eventually won McMahon over, marking a shift in direction for the heavyweight’s career and giving him the green light to infuse WWE programming with his flavor of comedy.

“Sexual Chocolate” in the Attitude Era

Amid the high-stakes drama of the WWE’s Attitude Era, “Sexual Chocolate” stood out as an oasis of humor. Mark Henry credits his gimmick with providing much-needed levity during a time characterized by intensity and grit. As a Casanova figure, Henry’s portrayal broke from the era’s norm and created a legacy that fans and critics regard as one of pro wrestling’s funniest roles. This comedic detour offered a unique entertainment facet to the WWE’s dynamic Attitude Era landscape.

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