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Mark Shapiro Wants To Cut Back On WWE House Shows

WWE usually holds house shows each and every Saturday and Sunday nights in local markets all over the United States to expand the reach of the company, to gain more fans in these cities and to give their talents more experience and time in the ring, but this could all change and be a thing of the past.

TKO COO Mark Shapiro took part in the UBS Media Conference this past weekend and revealed that having these house shows could be good for WWE as a brand, but they’re building an audience and getting more eyeballs for all demos, so it will good for the brand’s long-term growth to cut back on some of those non-televised events as through a margin perspective, they are dilutive.

This is what Mark Shapiro said according to Brandon Thurston:

“While there’s a reason to have them because it’s good for the brand, we’re building [an] audience, we’re putting them on in C and D counties, so we’re really stretching the brand, and we’re amassing a greater array of eyeballs from all demos so it’s good for our long-term growth. Through a margin perspective, they are dilutive. So there’s probably an opportunity as we go through our efficiencies and our synergy opportunities to cut back on some of those non-televised events, which will push our margin up so we are going through that exercise now.”

A lot of things have changed for the WWE after they were acquired by Endeavor and merged with the UFC to form TKO including more than half of the staff in the WWE HQ being let go and Triple H having full creative control. WWE also does not make majority of their money based off the live gate anymore just like they used to, but they still play an important part in the business as now majority of the money comes from the TV rights deals.

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