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Matt Hardy Discusses ‘Broken’ Gimmick’s Impact and McMahon’s Reaction

3 Key Points:

  • Matt Hardy reflects on the creation and success of his ‘Broken’ gimmick.
  • Triple H’s initial support contrasted with Vince McMahon’s hesitation.
  • The “Delete” chant’s popularity influenced McMahon’s eventual approval.

From Creation to Cult Phenomenon

Matt Hardy, a seasoned veteran of the squared circle, has evolved through numerous alter egos during his illustrious career. On his “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, he provided insight into the journey of one particular persona that resonated strongly with fans: “Broken Matt Hardy.” Hardy shared that he never anticipated the character would develop into the cultish, influential figure it is today.

Triple H and McMahon’s Divergent Views

In a candid discussion about his 2017 WWE return, Hardy detailed conversations with Triple H and Vince McMahon regarding his “Broken” persona. Triple H appeared receptive to introducing the character to WWE audiences, suggesting a nostalgic Hardy Boyz stint before exploring the “Broken” identity. “Triple H said ‘Maybe we could do a Hardy Boyz run, and then maybe we get into the Broken Matt Hardy a little bit?'” Hardy recounted.

The ‘Woken’ Evolution and McMahon’s Turnaround

Contrastingly, Vince McMahon initially rejected the idea, envisioning Hardy strictly as a member of the iconic Hardy Boyz tag team. Despite McMahon’s reluctance, the character’s evolution was unstoppable, morphing into “Woken Matt Hardy” and partnering up with Bray Wyatt as “The Eaters of Worlds.” The transformation sustained the “Delete” catchphrase, which became a staple among wrestling fans. Hardy’s recollection highlighted how fans’ persistent chants influenced McMahon’s decision. “Vince said ‘They keep doing delete-delete-delete-delete, they won’t stop that s—t! I guess we got to give it to ’em.’,” Hardy shared, underscoring the power of fan engagement.

Matt Hardy’s narrative showcases how fan support and iconic catchphrases can pivot wrestling executives’ creative direction, marking the “Delete” chant’s role in solidifying the “Broken/Woken” legacy within WWE lore.

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