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Matt Riddle Holds Out Hope for Future WWE Reunion with Randy Orton

3 Key Points:

  • Matt Riddle discusses his desire to finish his storyline with Randy Orton following Orton’s injury and hiatus from WWE.
  • Riddle reflects on his past tag team successes and expresses confidence in a future reunion with Orton, ideally in WWE.
  • Randy Orton has acknowledged Riddle’s in-ring contributions, especially when contending with injuries.

Matt Riddle Eyes Return to Resolve RKBro Narrative

The pro wrestling community is abuzz with Matt Riddle’s candid thoughts on his WWE trajectory and his partnership with Randy Orton, known as Team RKBro. Despite Riddle’s current absence from WWE, his aspirations for closure with Orton are compelling fans to ponder the possibilities.

RKBro’s Legacy and Unfinished Business

Team RKBro’s journey, marked by their tag team championship success, left an indelible mark on WWE programming. On the show ‘Signed by Superstars’, Riddle shared his sentiments about unfinished narratives, not only with Orton but also with Pete Dunne—a chapter cut short by the pandemic.

Riddle’s Certainty on Reuniting with The Apex Predator

Confident in their dynamic, Riddle considers reuniting with Orton a near certainty, barring unforeseen circumstances. Their synergy, he believes, warrants a definitive conclusion within WWE’s realm, though he remains open to alternative scenarios.

Randy Orton’s Acknowledgement and Prospects for a Reunion

At the heart of Riddle’s reflections are the profound acknowledgments from ‘The Apex Predator’ himself, who credited Riddle for shouldering the physical demands in the ring. Looking ahead, whether a reunion transpires remains a tantalizing question for the WWE universe.

We await your insights in the comments below: Are you rooting for Matt Riddle and Randy Orton to team up once again in the squared circle?

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