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Matt Riddle Reacts to CM Punk’s WWE Return at Survivor Series 2023

In the aftermath of Survivor Series 2023, the wrestling world’s focus has zeroed in on one of the most talked-about moments: the high-profile return of CM Punk to the WWE. As expected, this development sent shockwaves across social media, with reactions pouring in from fans and professional wrestlers alike. Not everyone, however, celebrated Punk’s comeback.

Among the voices offering their take is former WWE star Matt Riddle, known for his laid-back persona and fighting spirit inside the ring. Riddle, with his characteristic candidness, voiced his thoughts on the presumably complex addition of CM Punk to the WWE locker room dynamics. In a rather pointed tweet, Riddle directed a message towards WWE, expressing a sentiment of irony mixed with forewarning. He wrote:

“Hey WWE, you thought I was hard to deal with, have fun with ‘0-2’ @CMPunk.”

The ‘0-2’ reference by Riddle serves as a jibe towards Punk’s less than stellar foray into the world of mixed martial arts. CM Punk’s venture into the UFC saw him face two defeats: One against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 and the initial loss against Mike Jackson at UFC 225, which was later overturned to a no contest.

The tweet can be seen as Riddle’s commentary on Punk’s past controversies and perhaps a subtle nod to his own struggles within the organization. Matt Riddle himself is no stranger to controversy, and the tweet implies that Punk’s history of discord might resurface in his new stint with WWE.

Riddle’s own journey has taken a new direction since his release from WWE during the September 2023 talent cuts. Fans of the ‘King of Bros’ can anticipate his post-WWE wrestling appearances, which promise to extend his narrative beyond the WWE universe.

This entire situation follows on the heels of remarkable occurrences backstage at WWE events. For those keen on the behind-the-scenes interactions, particularly between CM Punk and Seth Rollins following Punk’s spotlight return, more details are just a click away.

As for Matt Riddle’s remarks, it remains to be seen if this is the start of a continued outspoken stance on WWE affairs or merely a fleeting jab amidst a significant moment in wrestling history. Whatever the case, Riddle’s voice adds another layer to the multifaceted reactions surrounding CM Punk’s return to WWE. Pro wrestling enthusiasts eagerly await the next developments and how they might influence the intricate tapestry of storylines and alliances within the sport.

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