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Matt Riddle Secures First Title Since WWE Departure Highlights Wrestling Scene

3 Key Points

  • Matt Riddle achieves his first championship title outside WWE in Combat 1 Wrestling.
  • Scheduled to defend his title against Austin Aries and compete in NJPW for the World Television Championship.
  • Riddle’s victory and upcoming matches fuel excitement and speculation on his future successes.

Riddle’s Post-WWE Journey to Championship

After leaving the WWE due to controversies away from the ring, Matt Riddle has swiftly made his mark in the independent wrestling circuit, clinching his first-ever championship title since his departure. Combat 1 Wrestling recently hailed him as their new 1 World Champion following a victory against Atrocity Krule, marking a significant milestone in Riddle’s wrestling career.

Engagement with Multiple Wrestling Promotions

Since embarking on his journey outside WWE in January, Riddle has shown his prowess across various promotions, including Major League Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW). This wide-ranging engagement underscores his versatility and commitment to carving out a significant presence in the professional wrestling landscape.

Championship Announcement and Fan Reaction

Combat 1 Wrestling’s announcement of Riddle as the “King of Combat” and the new 1 World Champion was met with enthusiasm by the wrestling community. The promotion took to social media to celebrate Riddle’s achievement and teased his upcoming title defense against former WWE star Austin Aries on April 11, stirring excitement among fans and industry observers.

Upcoming Matches and Potential Victories

In addition to his title defense, Riddle is preparing for another major challenge in NJPW. Slated to face Hiroshi Tanahashi for the NJPW World Television Championship at the New Beginning in Sapporo event on February 23, Riddle’s battle with Tanahashi is highly anticipated by fans, adding to the momentum of his burgeoning career outside WWE.

Riddle’s journey reflects a wrestler’s resilience and adaptability, transitioning from WWE’s global stage to conquering new territories in the wrestling world. His recent championship win and the prospect of more titles in his future keep fans on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting his next move.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Matt Riddle’s post-WWE achievements and his potential to secure more championships in the comments section below.

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