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R-Truth’s Role in Judgment Day Clarified by Damian Prie

3 Key Points

  • R-Truth has been striving to become an official part of Judgment Day, a prominent WWE faction.
  • Damian Priest likened R-Truth to a team mascot rather than a true faction member in a recent interview.
  • A forthcoming match between R-Truth and JD McDonagh could determine Truth’s status within the group.

Judgment Day’s Unofficial Member

Judgment Day stands as a tight-knit and assertive presence within WWE. The faction, known for its solidarity and dominance, has recently been the focal point of R-Truth’s persistent efforts to join. Despite his claims of already being part of the group, Damian Priest, a foundational member, offered a different perspective.

Priest’s View on R-Truth’s Association

In an engaging session with Sony Sports Network, Damian Priest highlighted R-Truth’s keenness and constant interaction with Judgment Day. He clarified, however, that R-Truth holds a position more akin to a mascot than an actual faction member. Priest’s analogy drew a parallel with sports team mascots who, while associated with the team, are not official players.

R-Truth’s Quest for Membership

R-Truth’s ambition to secure a spot in Judgment Day has seen him shadowing the faction’s movements closely. Yet, friction between him and member JD McDonagh has been evident, culminating in R-Truth inadvertently causing McDonagh a match loss against The Miz on RAW. Their upcoming face-off on Monday Night RAW is keenly anticipated, with fans speculating if this could alter R-Truth’s journey with Judgment Day.

Judgment Day’s dynamics and R-Truth’s enthusiasm for joining their ranks continue to captivate WWE fans’ attention. Whether R-Truth’s engagement with the group evolves from mascot to member remains a topic of lively discussion and speculation among the wrestling community.

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