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Matt Riddle’s Controversial Release From WWE: Connection with UFC and the Ongoing Aftermath

In an unexpected move this week, WWE authorities decided to terminate their contract with the well-known pro wrestling star, Matt Riddle. This turn of events has caused quite a stir among wrestling circles, as our team at Ringside News exclusively reported. Multiple sources indicate that Riddle’s termination was primarily due to disciplinary issues and past behavior.

Riddle’s tumultuous career history is worth noting; he was previously let go by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) a few years prior. UFC President, Dana White, known for his outspoken nature, had made some cutting remarks about Riddle’s dismissal from the UFC following repeated failed drug tests. Revealed in a previously buried interview, White criticized Riddle’s admitted marijuana use, openly questioning his life choices and career prospects.

While Riddle’s propensity for marijuana was an issue in the UFC, it wasn’t the cause for his WWE exit. In fact, Riddle has been open about his use of marijuana citing its proven medical benefits and his personal advocacy. However, his drug use history may or may not have colored WWE’s decision to part ways.

The ripple effects of Riddle’s release from WWE has resurfaced personal controversies as well. His former girlfriend, in particular, expressed her delight at the news, causing Riddle’s fiancé, Misha Montana, to come to his defense, asserting that his actual problems arose when he became involved with her.

The question arises – where will Matt Riddle’s career path lead him next? The world of pro wrestling has become more accepting of personal marijuana use compared to a decade ago when Dana White issued his disparaging comments. We will watch closely to see if another organization will embrace Riddle’s undeniable charisma and skill set.

As for Dana White’s thoughts on Riddle’s most recent situation, that remains to be seen. Stay tuned to Ringside News for all updates about Matt Riddle and other hot stories from the world of pro wrestling. Do you agree with Dana White’s remarks about Riddle’s discharge? Or was his dismissal justifiable? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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