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McKenzie Mitchell Speaks on WWE Release and Teases Future Plans

Former NXT interviewer McKenzie Mitchell recently shared her thoughts and emotions following her departure from WWE, which occurred during the company’s latest talent release wave. Mitchell, who was the sole on-air personality released this time around, expressed her feelings during a virtual signing event with RDP Promotions.

Reflecting on her tenure with WWE’s NXT brand, Mitchell spoke fondly of her experiences and the relationships she formed, particularly noting her affection for NXT and wrestling legend Shawn Michaels. “When you do what you love, you’re not working. That’s truly how it was in NXT. NXT is home for me. I love Shawn Michaels dearly, and I love all of the talent there. Really excited to see what they do,” Mitchell remarked during the event.

The outpouring of support from fans did not go unnoticed by her, as she encouraged her followers to campaign for her return on Twitter, hinting that social media might be the key to a potential WWE comeback. “If you want me back in WWE, you better put it on Twitter because that’s the only way they’re gonna see it,” she quipped, highlighting the power of fan advocacy in the digital age.

As for what lies ahead, Mitchell was coy about her immediate plans but did share that she has been nurturing a jewelry business, named Headline, which has seen promising development. “I can’t reveal all my secrets, right? I can’t tell you guys everything. I will say I have been talking about my jewelry business, Headline,” she revealed, suggesting that she’s exploring entrepreneurial ventures outside of wrestling.

Despite the vagueness surrounding her plans within the wrestling industry, Mitchell assured fans that she would take some time over the holidays to contemplate her next move and hinted at an exclusive interview set for December 20th. Her departure from WWE has resulted in alterations to their announce team – a reflection on the ongoing changes within the organization.

While the future for McKenzie Mitchell in professional wrestling remains uncertain, her positive outlook and entrepreneurial spirit suggest that she’s poised to embrace the next chapter, whatever it may be. Fans and industry watchers alike will be keeping a close eye on her next steps, as Mitchell’s journey illustrates the ongoing evolution of talent careers beyond the confines of the ring.

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