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Mercedes Mone: Ronda Rousey more bitter than Bret Hart about WWE

One big thing: Mercedes Mone believes Ronda Rousey is more bitter about WWE than Bret Hart

Mercedes Mone, formerly known as Sasha Banks in WWE, didn’t hesitate when asked who’s more bitter nowadays between Ronda Rousey and Bret Hart. Her answer: “I think Ronda.”

Why it matters

Rousey’s recent criticisms of WWE have sparked debate in the wrestling community about her relationship with the company and her legacy in professional wrestling.

The details

• Rousey left WWE after her match against Shayna Baszler at SummerSlam last year.
• She’s been vocal about her negative experiences with WWE since her departure.
• In her book “Our Fight,” Rousey uses strong language towards WWE executives Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis.
• She alleges that WWE discriminated against women.

The big picture

Rousey’s comments have drawn comparisons to Bret Hart, who has a history of controversial opinions about the wrestling industry.

• Hart has clarified that he’s merely expressing his opinions, not harboring resentment.
• Despite this, some fans still view Hart as bitter about his wrestling career.

Between the lines

Rousey’s criticisms go beyond typical post-WWE commentary:

• She wanted the same travel privileges as top star Roman Reigns.
• Her focus has shifted away from professional wrestling to other career paths.

The bottom line

Mone’s assessment highlights the intensity of Rousey’s recent comments and suggests a significant rift between the former UFC champion and WWE.

What’s your take on Rousey’s criticisms of WWE? Do you think they’re justified, or has she gone too far? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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