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No Quarter Catch Crew: NXT Faction Officially Named and Next Challenge Revealed

Frequent viewers of WWE NXT have been following the development of a faction that has been gradually taking shape over the past year. On the December 12 episode, a significant announcement was made regarding this alliance that consists of Drew Gulak, Charlie Dempsey, Myles Borne, and Damon Kemp. It was during the preview of next week’s WWE NXT card that these men, who have been operating as a unit on NXT television, were given their formal faction name.

Revealed in both the match graphic and articulated by commentator Vic Joseph, they will now be known as ‘The No Quarter Catch Crew.’ This new designation comes as the group prepares for an exciting contender’s battle where the stakes are incredibly high.

There’s a palpable buzz surrounding the No Quarter Catch Crew’s upcoming involvement in title contention. In a highly-anticipated match on the next NXT episode, Dragon Lee is set to put his North American Championship on the line against a member of the Crew. Although it remains uncertain which member will step into the championship opportunity, the announcement has added extra significance to their new moniker.

For the No Quarter Catch Crew, this isn’t just a fresh title but a moment that reflects their growth as a unit in WWE NXT. Initially, the faction started modestly with Gulak and Dempsey as a tag team early in 2023. Over time, they expanded, first with the addition of Kemp and recently with Borne rounding out the group. Despite Kemp’s tumultuous past with factions, notably the NXT Diamond Mine, his allegiance to the No Quarter Catch Crew appears firm since he began collaborating with them in August 2023.

Furthermore, Dragon Lee’s involvement in this narrative adds another layer of excitement. Fresh off his first successful defense of the North American Championship against Tyler Bate since his victory over Dominik Mysterio at NXT Deadline, Lee is now posed as a substantial obstacle for the No Quarter Catch Crew’s path to gold.

The NXT landscape is constantly evolving, and with groups like the No Quarter Catch Crew carving their space, it’s a thrilling time to be a fan. Followers of WWE NXT can look forward to learning which member will challenge Dragon Lee and whether this newly christened faction can clinch gold. For those who want to keep abreast of the latest from WWE NXT and other wrestling news, signing up for newsletter updates is an effortless way to stay informed.

Stay connected for more updates on NXT’s No Quarter Catch Crew and their journey. What’s clear is that this group has just put the NXT roster on notice, and their story is one to watch in the weeks to come.

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