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NXT Superstar Dijak Touts Record Ratings in Canada: Is He the Real Draw?

3 Key Points

  • NXT’s rise in viewership with Dijak’s return.
  • Wrestling shows hitting record numbers in Canada.
  • Debate between Dijak and Trick Williams over being the top NXT draw.

NXT Star Dijak Claims Credit for Show’s Canadian Viewership Surge

Returning to NXT with a bang, Dijak has positioned himself as a beacon of success within the brand. His latest boast? Taking responsibility for NXT’s highest ratings in Canada to date. After a particularly well-received episode on December 26th, Dijak has been vocal on social media, declaring himself a “massive draw.”

Statistics lend credence to his claims, as the episode amassed 670,000 viewers and scored a .19 in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic. It closed with an NXT Underground match between Dijak and Eddy Thorpe, a factor that likely played into the spike in viewership numbers.

AEW and NXT Battle for Viewership Dominance

In the larger context, it’s not just NXT enjoying high viewership. AEW Dynamite also recorded significant numbers in Canada, with John Pollock of POST Wrestling reporting approximately 144,000 viewers – the show’s best in the country since late March. NXT wasn’t far behind, drawing roughly 96,000 viewers, marking its peak on SN 360 for the year, as per Pollock’s records.

The DRAWJAK Debacle

Reacting to Canada’s historic NXT numbers, Dijak took to Twitter to humorously suggest a name change to DRAWJAK, signaling his role in the growth. Trick Williams, not to be outdone, laid claim to being the real draw of NXT, setting the stage for a playful rivalry of one-upmanship rooted in who truly drives the viewership.

As 2024 looms, fans are buzzing with predictions and endorsements for Dijak’s potential championship ascent, a testament to his rising star in NXT. Will Dijak’s momentum carry him to a title, or will Williams prove to be the ultimate draw? The conversation continues in the wrestling community with both amusement and anticipation.

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