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Otis Reacts to Mandy Rose’s Praise of His Kissing Skills

One Big Thing

Otis, one of WWE’s most reliable talents, has reacted to Mandy Rose’s recent admission that he was a decent kisser during their beloved storyline in 2020.

Key Points

  • In 2020, Otis and Mandy Rose were involved in a captivating romantic storyline that entertained fans during the pandemic.
  • The storyline featured a pivotal moment when Mandy Rose shared a passionate kiss with Otis.
  • Mandy Rose recently admitted that Otis was a decent kisser.
  • Otis took to Twitter to express his elation at the praise, calling Rose his “peach” again.

Why It Matters

The Otis and Mandy Rose storyline was a fan-favorite during its run, providing dramatic entertainment and genuine investment from the audience. The admission from Mandy Rose and Otis’s reaction showcase the impact of their on-screen chemistry and the lasting impression it left on fans.

Otis’s Reaction

In response to Mandy Rose’s video, Otis tweeted:

MY Bad Babe”

The Storyline’s Conclusion

Despite the popularity of Otis and Mandy Rose’s romance storyline, it ended after WrestleMania 36. Mandy Rose felt the storyline deserved a better ending, but fans still enjoyed the angle for what it was.

Did you enjoy Otis and Mandy Rose’s storyline in 2020? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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