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Vince Russo Claims He Was a Superior On-Air Character in WCW

One Big Thing

Vince Russo, a central figure in the fall of WCW, recently claimed that he was a better on-air character than 80% of the WCW roster during his time with the company.

Key Points

  • Vince Russo’s role in WCW’s decline is a major topic in the ‘Who Killed WCW?’ docuseries.
  • Russo defends his tenure, claiming he wasn’t responsible for the company’s decline in quality.
  • He admits to booking himself onto the show and winning the WCW World Championship due to pressure for ratings.
  • Russo acknowledged that much of the animosity towards him stems from the belief that he embodied his onscreen character.
  • He expressed regret for overstepping into the ring, particularly due to incidents like Goldberg allegedly injuring him despite Russo having a concussion.

Why It Matters

Vince Russo’s claims and the discussion surrounding his role in WCW’s fall highlight the ongoing debate about the factors that contributed to the company’s demise. His controversial decisions and the animosity they generated among fans and colleagues continue to shape his legacy in the wrestling industry.

Russo remains a polarizing figure, with his creative choices and on-screen presence still sparking discussions and dividing opinions among wrestling enthusiasts. As the ‘Who Killed WCW?’ docuseries continues to explore the company’s decline, Russo’s involvement and the impact of his decisions will likely remain a central point of interest.

What do you think about Vince Russo’s claim of being a superior on-air character in WCW? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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