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Paul Triple H Levesque Discusses Survivor Series Success and CM Punk’s WWE Return

During the post-show media scrum for WWE’s Survivor Series WarGames 2023, held at the AllState Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, WWE CCO Paul “Triple H” Levesque shared several notable updates which resonated with excitement and optimism for the future of the company.

Levesque commenced by unveiling that this year’s Survivor Series marked the highest-grossing event in its history, identifying a whopping 25% increase in sponsorship revenue compared to the previous year. The event, renowned for its spectacular matches and storylines, further solidified its significance in WWE’s annual calendar.

One of the standout moments of the night was R-Truth’s surprise return, a move that Levesque playfully touted as the biggest surprise of the event. However, it wasn’t just the returns that caught Levesque’s eye—as he took a moment to acknowledge Randy Orton’s triumphant comeback from a back injury, expressing sheer pride in Orton’s resilience and dedication toward his in-ring performance.

On the Women’s WarGames match front, Levesque didn’t hold back praise, describing the showcase as a “grand slam that is still sailing out of the park.” In particular, he emphasized Shotzi’s efforts, noting that her standout performance has catapulted her to the upper tier of WWE’s Women’s division—an endorsement that signifies her rise as a formidable player in the roster.

A lightning rod for discussion, CM Punk’s surprise return to WWE stirred the media scrum into a frenzy. Levesque detailed the whirlwind nature of Punk’s comeback, acknowledging it as a “lightning-in-a-bottle moment” that came to fruition unexpectedly. “It came together super quick,” Levesque commented, touching on the buzz that Punk generates—whether it’s through love or criticism, he remains a fixture in the wrestling conversation.

Triple H conveyed a sense of reset, highlighting growth and change over the past decade—in individuals and the company alike. On Punk’s future, Levesque’s excitement was evident as he teased, “What’s next for CM Punk? That will be interesting, won’t it? I’m interested in seeing that myself.”

Levesque also cleared the air on the speculation surrounding TKO Group’s influence on Punk’s return. He clarified that the decision was driven exclusively by WWE’s top brass without external pressure. “We’re doing our thing, and we’re trusted to do what we feel is right for business,” Levesque affirmed, hinting at a charged and dynamic future for WWE, where the legacy of Vince McMahon is set to expand even further.

Diving into the global reach of WWE, Levesque addressed the interest in Stardom talent Giulia, indicating the organization’s continual efforts to scout exceptional talents worldwide. Despite being unfamiliar with the term “Joshi” until recently, he emphasized their commitment to giving international athletes a platform to shine in WWE.

Addressing the haven’t-seen-her-lately Jade Cargill, Levesque indicated strong ongoing belief in her potential. With WWE’s intention to ensure Cargill’s readiness for any challenge, her re-emergence in the ring is projected to be, in Levesque’s words, “massive.”

On the subject of improving injury protocols, particularly concerning concussions, Levesque spoke about WWE’s commitment to the health and longevity of its performers. Without specifically addressing Jon Moxley’s comments, he extolled the company’s medical staff and protocols, asserting that they lead the field globally. The recent incident involving Rey Mysterio being pulled from a match due to concussion concerns was cited as an example of WWE’s proactive and rigorous approach.

Cody Rhodes, also present at the media scrum, shared his perspective on CM Punk’s return. Relaying a ‘business-first’ mindset, Rhodes welcomed the idea of Punk contributing to the company’s trajectory, hinting at the potential of his hunger and desire to make an impact. Rhodes commended the efforts of Levesque and Nick Khan in facilitating Punk’s return, emphasizing the energy and record business surrounding WWE.

The media scrum wrapped up with Levesque and Rhodes’ reflections representing a sense of eagerness and anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of WWE—a sentiment surely shared by fans worldwide. Thus, the Survivor Series WarGames 2023 not only delivered a memorable event but set the stage for electrifying developments in professional wrestling.

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