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Rhea Ripley Hints at Targets in WWE After Survivor Series Comebacks of CM Punk and Randy Orton

WWE Universe, the landscape shifted dramatically following WWE Survivor Series 2023 as two major superstars, CM Punk and Randy Orton, marked their much-anticipated returns. The event culminated in not one, but two sensational comeback moments that have set tongues wagging across the pro wrestling community.

To recap the excitement, Survivor Series—which stands as WWE’s final main roster Premium Live Event of the year—saw “The Viper” Randy Orton make a surprise entrance to secure a spot in the men’s WarGames match. Meanwhile, closing the show, CM Punk returned to a WWE ring for the first time in nearly ten years, signalling a massive shake-up in the company’s narrative.

Both Punk and Orton are slated to appear on tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw on November 27, presumably to shed light on their future plans and the reasoning behind their sudden reemergence. However, they might have more to be concerned about than just explaining their hiatuses.

Enter Rhea Ripley, the towering force and supposed linchpin of the menacing stable Judgment Day. Ripley’s post-Survivor Series actions on social media have turned heads and raised eyebrows. Taking to Twitter, Ripley shared snippets of her pre-WWE days where she was seen executing CM Punk’s storied Go to Sleep (GTS) and Randy Orton’s dreaded RKO. The posts, emblazoned with the captions “Best in the world” and “I hear voices,” evoke Punk and Orton’s respective catchphrases.

These enigmatic messages have left fans and pundits alike questioning Ripley’s intentions. Are these tweets her way of paying homage to two of WWE’s finest? Or are they veiled challenges or even threats, hinting at a potential collision course? With Judgment Day reeling from their own Survivor Series outcome, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that Ripley is itching to reassert the faction’s dominance. Tonight’s Raw in Nashville, Tennessee, might just provide the stage for such a confrontation.

For those who witnessed her emulate these iconic finishers, Ripley’s execution was a sight to see, proving her versatility and potential readiness to step into the ring with either of these returning legends. The implications are as thrilling as they are unpredictable.

Stay tuned as these tantalizing developments unfold. Will Raw witness a clash of the titans, or is Ripley’s online gambit merely a prelude to something even bigger? Wrestling fans are eager to find out, and you can be sure we’ll be following every twist and turn here.

As we eagerly await the fallout from Survivor Series, catch up on all the latest WWE news here and make sure to sign up for our newsletter for exclusive updates straight to your inbox. Tonight’s Monday Night Raw might just set the stage for a new era in WWE, with Rhea Ripley waiting in the wings to make an impact.

Witness both clips of Ripley’s versions of Punk and Orton’s moves via her Twitter clips shared below – they’re a must-see for any wrestling aficionado.

“Best in the world 🤘🏼” – [View the GTS Clip](

“I hear voices” – [View the RKO Clip](

Whether these are tribute acts or battle cries, one thing is clear: Rhea Ripley is not one to shy away from making her presence known, and her tweets after WWE Survivor Series might just signify the beginning of new feuds and storylines that will capture the wrestling world’s imagination.

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