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Paul Wight’s Ongoing Wrestling Endeavors: A Look at His In-Ring Presence in AEW

3 Key Points

  • Paul Wight’s latest AEW match adds to his remarkable wrestling tenure.
  • Kurt Angle expresses amazement at Wight’s longevity in pro wrestling.
  • Wight balances in-ring action with a transition to commentary.

Wight’s Resilience in the Ring

Renowned for his massive stature and impactful presence, Paul Wight recently showcased his continued dedication to professional wrestling. His participation in an eight-man street fight on “AEW Dynamite” was a significant moment, reiterating his status as a devoted industry veteran. Since his pro wrestling inception in 1994, Wight has become a fixture in the ring, often defying expectations with his longevity.

Legendary Status Acknowledged

Olympic gold medalist and pro wrestling icon Kurt Angle marveled at Wight’s fortitude. On “The Kurt Angle Show,” Angle remarked, “The pounding that man’s body has taken over the last 25 years, it’s unreal. I can’t believe a man of his size that can continue to wrestle well into his 50s and he’s still doing it, that’s just unbelievable. It speaks volumes for Big Show.” The commendation from Angle highlights Wight’s exceptional resilience in an often punishing sport.

Transitioning Roles

While Wight’s matches in AEW can be counted on one hand, it’s clear that the allure of the squared circle remains undiminished for him. After being put out of commission in the aforementioned street fight by Powerhouse Hobbs, fans haven’t seen him return to action. Behind the scenes, reports suggest he’s been grappling with a knee problem, as noted by fellow AEW star Chris Jericho, although Wight has also taken strides toward a commentary career. This new venture could signify a graceful pivot from the in-ring battles to a more vocal position ringside, indicating a thoughtful approach to his pro wrestling journey.

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